Jul 10, 2010 · Not sure about health effects of prolonged consumption of distilled water. However, de-ionized water, which is very similar to distilled water is found to be unsafe to drink in large quantities. Here are some reasons I found on another forum thread. A study found consumption of deionized water directly damaged the intestinal mucosae.
Over the next few weeks I did some research and learned that drinking distilled water is a great way to cleanse your body. Dr. Weil is one of my virtual doctors. When I’m looking for health advice, I often check to see what he has to say about a subject. Dr Weil drinks distilled water and uses it for cooking as well. Got a virtual doctor yet?

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Distilled water cleanses the body through promoting healthy kidney function." ---Ron Kennedy, M.D. For those that follow Dr. Andrew Weil, ===== who has been drinking distilled water for years, here is a quote of his: "You can try drinking bottled distilled water if you like. It's water that has been turned into steam so its impurities are left ...
Apr 24, 2020 · Dechlorinating your drinking water will remove this smell from your water, making your drinking experience much more enjoyable. You can also do other things to improve the taste of your chlorinated drinking water – like adding a lemon slice, using the water to make tea or coffee, or even allowing it to sit out overnight.

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Then start drinking and cooking with distilled water every day. Note the benefits you experience within 30, 60 and 90 days. You’ll need about one gallon per person each day. Ever since I started drinking distilled water and using it for tea and cooking, I’ve noticed that I feel better and have much more energy throughout the day.
Distilled water is the cleanest water you can drink. (It's pure oxygen and hydrogen.) And even rain water isn't this clean in most places due to the fact that there is a lot of pollution in the air from automobiles and factories, and as rain falls from the clouds it will absorb some of this airborne pollution on the way down.

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The German Society for Nutrition reached similar conclusions and warned the public in 1993 against drinking distilled water. They reported symptoms that included cardiovascular disorders, fatigue, headache and muscle cramps. True hydration does not occur with demineralized water. Perhaps this is why its consumption does not quench thirst.
Mar 24, 2020 · Distilled water is not a big danger. Bottled “spring” water is just tap water. Tap water has minerals, which essentially turn into cement in your arteries. You’ve all seen old pipes, right? I’ve had my pets drink distilled water all of their lives and they’ve lived to 20+ years old.

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ARROWHEAD Brand Distilled Water is purified water that has gone through a meticulous distillation process. The result: a pure bottled water that’s great to keep around the home. It’s ideal for use in small appliances, reducing the risk of damaging mineral buildup. So when you’re looking for a trusted distilled water brand, choose ARROWHEAD. N/A.

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